Friday, November 23, 2012

Too cute granny

How adorable are these? I think just one on an afghan would be enough or even a few spaced between granny squares. Find it also on Ravelry

Loving the kitty (??) in the pink. This is on the top of my to-do list for sure.

Granny pansy

Although I only found the pattern for the pansy, there is one made into a granny square. So pretty to look at and the colour combinations are endless. Find it here on Ravelry.

and its granny....

Granny's bottle

This is a link to where you can purchase this pattern. look for it here.

A Celtic granny

Yesterday while I was trying learn how to draw Celtic knots, I came across a stunning Celtic granny square. It is easier than it looks, believe me.

Get the pattern for free on Ravelry

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old school granny

Old school granny with stunning new colours. I got this pic when I googled sherbet granny square and I am in love with it.

Get it here at the blue whale boutique.

Diagonal granny

This is something really different and a great way to use up your yarn scraps as you would not want to buy whole skeins.Fantaisiesdeflo is in french but with google translate you can get a wonderful and really easy tutorial.

I can think of tons of edges to go with this pattern.

Corner granny.

Head over to crochet again blog to see the really easy to follow pattern for this really beautiful and different afghan. This is at the top of my to-do-list.The mitered granny square pattern is definitely one for your crocheting arsenal.

Vivid Grannies

Here is a stunning idea from the Sewing daisies blog. The blanket is called "vivid dreams" and I cannot wait to try this out for myself. The layout is included in the blog link but I have yet to find the pattern,although it is pretty easy to work out from the pic.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wear- able grannies

I must admit, the only time I would actually wear anything with a granny square would be at home while doing chores or over my shoulder as a bag. Here is a gorgeous pattern for a granny squares inspired bag. Find it here at Harujion Design.

Too cute, a definite must-try.

I 'heart' granny squares.

I love the look of this and even though I failed to find the pattern for it, I still think I might be able to pull it off without the actual directions.

Okay, not a granny, but....

A friend over on another site posted this pattern and I know it is not a agranny but it is ..
a) super cute
b) really simple
c) tons of colour variations I can think of and
d) the pattern is so easy, step by step and free.

So head over to Nicely created for you blog' and see the free tutorial for this gorgeous crocheted cuff- bracelet.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Taboo but cute

This pattern is a bit taboo because I think it was copied from a  book and made its way onto the net and I am not sure about copywright laws but for the sake of it I am not going to give a link to this pattern, lets just say with the right amount of detective work you can find it floating out the there... somewhere, good luck.

Hello Kitty cushion cover.
Hello Kitty scarf

Hello Kitty bag
Another bag, super cute.

Granny's purse

Get the free pattern for granny's purse here. The pattern is very detailed and super cute.

Plethora of grannies

I love interesting granny squares and this is just amazing. I love the different sizes and how they are all patched together.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dizzy granny

here is an awesome pattern for a spiral granny. I really had to do a lot of searching for this pattern. It was really easy to follow though, you just have to concentrate really hard. Go to crochet me  to get a step by step tutorial.

For the more adventurous among you, try this pattern to make stunning spiral snowflakes. Beautiful!

my grannies

And now for some of my own creations and fun with granny squares.

These two were me jut being being creative, it was for a swap I participated in On Swap-bot.

Two granny squares inspired by the South African flag.
I just love pink and green so I made this granny for myself.
And lastly, my attempt at popcorn stitch which I really liked. I tried to finish this in one day and crocheted until my fingers where raw and sensitive...ouch!


I love making hexagon granny squares. I first learned how to do it here at Attic24. Great tutorial and so easy to follow.

Here is the pattern that I found at Lion brand for a baby blanket I made, except I used softer shades of pink, green and cream.

Granny slippers.

This pattern is so simple and only made from 6 granny squares. A great gift idea for the cold months. Go to purl bee for the free pattern.

They look really cute on the model and have a pixie type appeal to them.


This is really pretty. You can find the pattern here, just scroll to the bottom of the page for the link.

Mandala inspired

I love the colours used and think this granny is great. Find it here at signed with an Owl:


Brick stitch granny-ish

Not really a granny but worth a  try since the pattern is pretty easy to follow. Find it here at Earthwhisper Fiber Arts.

I might use bolder colours but I will give this a try for sure.

Tiny grannies

Tiny grannies. There was no pattern and the page was in another language (not sure which) but it is pretty easy to work out how it was done. Definitely on my to do list. Find it here

Heart granny square

Great free tutorial of how to make this heart inspired granny square. Find it here at Dly's hook and yarn
Same pattern, different concept

 Gorgeous, gotta give them a try.